Chick Pea & Arugula Salad - A good substitution for green salads
Serves 4

Ingredient Amount

Smoked Provolone Cheese, 1/2" cube 1 lb.
Organic Golden raisins 1/2 cup.
Organic Scallions, Fine bias cut 3 each.
Organic Chick Peas, rinsed 2 cups.
Organic Arugula .25 lbs.
Slivered Almonds, Toasted. 1/2 cup.
White balsamic vinegar 2 oz.
Clover Honey 1 oz.
Pons Extra Olive Oil 1 cup.
Crushed red pepper flake pinch.
Fresh Rosemary, leaves Only, Fine chop 1 tsp.
Salt and Pepper. To Taste.


For the salad: rinse and drain the chick peas very well and air dry. Mix together all ingredients except the arugula. For the dressing: Combine all ingredients and whisk together. Final assembly: Mix together salad, arugula, and dressing right before it is served.